Chris Etter

President & CEO

“We have coupled an outstanding team with industry leading strategic partners in order to provide our clients with the very best IT products, services, and solutions”

I started my career in 1982 as a corporate auditor. This position required that I complete operational and financial audits all over the world.  During the ensuing decade,  I served in a number of financial and accounting roles including controller and CFO.  In the early 90s I moved from finance into general management and have held titles from SVP of Sales and Marketing, VP and General Manager, and eventually CEO.  I’ve worked for one of the world’s largest corporations for 10 years, several start-up organizations, and two company’s that I founded and subsequently sold.  The great concentration of my experience is in technology and telecommunications although during the past few years I’ve spent a good deal of time consulting on a variety projects in the Healthcare industry.  As I look back on a long and successful career, the one thing I find myself enjoying most is helping interesting people with interesting ideas  succeed and grow as an organization.  


Prior to co-founding Eridius, I was CEO for a venture funded software company called Recordant which made analytical software for both commercial and military applications.  I joined Recordant after I sold IP Merchant Solutions, a company I founded in 2004.  At the time this was the first organization of it’s type providing IP based credit card processing for the retail and petroleum markets.  I started the business from scratch and by the time I sold the company we were processing transactions over our own private network for companies all of the world.  Going back a little further I was SVP of Sales and Marketing for a Telcom startup and spent 10 years as Vice President and General Manager for a $600mm division of General Electric.  I have degrees in Finance, Economics, and General Management from William Paterson College in New Jersey where I graduated as the top student from the school of business.

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