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Consulting...a word that means a lot of different things to different people.  Unfortunately it often means “pay a lot of money, without much return”.  At Eridius, it means something entirely different.  Our professionals are industry experts, that have actually worked in the specialties that they are consulting on.  Our goal is to bring effective, timely, and targeted recommendations to your organization in a cost effective manner.

Logical ideas driving out illogical costs







We identify your key business drivers, review your current environment and develop an initial logical design for the new environment.  This phase concludes with a milestone where you approve the vision and scope based on the business case.

Our experts work closely with your staff to refine the design for the new environment. At the end of this phase we reexamine the business case to ensure the design aligns with the desired goals.

Once the infrastructure design is complete our team guides your staff through the implementation options and documents the detailed plans

With the plans completed, we help test the infrastructure design, implementation, strategy, systems management design and operations plan in our test lab.

Our team then helps define a detailed release-management plan, and sets up a pilot environment to further stabilize the final solutions.

During this stage, the core technology and site components are deployed and the project is transitioned to operations and support. After the deployment, the team conducts a project review and a customer satisfaction survey