Imagine viewing and scheduling  your hospital’s room and lab availability on line.  Once you schedule, automatic reminders are sent to your patient via a variety of electronic media.  No more phone calls, no more confusion.  Physicians, Hospitals, and Patients win.

Our software design team, using Microsoft’s powerful collaboration tool called SharePoint, can automate many of the routine, manual, and paper intensive tasks that cost the practice productivity, time, and money!

A combination of the Eridius Healthcare Network and Eridius applications can change the way the physician works with his hospital partner and create efficiencies for both.

From automating hospital scheduling and directory management to simple communication between the hospital and the practice, Eridius applications drive out costs and inefficiencies.

Directory Services

Today, hospitals are constantly updating their directories of affiliated general practices and specialists.Eridius creates complete sortable directories with extensive bios and practice information.  No more manual updates, no more searching for a practice that meets your patients needs!

File/Image Sharing

Patient records and images are placed directly into SharePoint and can be viewed by the hospital or physician based on passwords and permissions.  No more asking a patient to hand carry images, or using a courier.  Easy, but secure, document storage and collaboration


Today, hospitals use the phone, fax, or disparate e-mail systems to communicate with their physician groups.  Imagine simple one time posts to SharePoint, and letting SharePoint communicate with the physician in the manner they are most comfortable, e-mail, PDA, or voice mail.

Smart applications, driving out costs