Perhaps nothing is more frightening than the prospect of key personal data falling into the hands of a hacker. As more heath records are digitalized, the need for a well thought out data security strategy combined with the proper infrastructure design and implementation is critical for the Healthcare professional. Our team of data security experts can create a state of the art, secure environment for you and your clients.

Protecting you and your patients

Step 1- EHN

Enterprise Class Security and Intrusion Detection is yours when you subscribe to the EHN.  Eliminate the need to buy expensive equipment and the recurring cost of maintaining and updating software.  Significantly more protection at significantly less cost.

Step 2 - Security Heathcheck

While the EHN protects you against intrusions over the Internet, risks of data loss due to the intentional or unintentional introduction of viruses and other malware to your systems, costs you productivity, money and in the worst case critical data.

Step 3 - Life Cycle Security

Life Cycle Security is the most comprehensive solution available for the physician practice.  We create your policies and procedures and regularly monitor compliance.  We also conduct penetration tests of your data and report back to you.